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 CollectionLawyers.com provides professional debt collection services for the Phoenix marketplace utilizing top notch collection attorneys and support staff. Following is a brief synopsis of the collection services that we can offer your company should you choose CollectionLawyers to represent you in the collection of your bad debt portfolio.

Legal Collections: Our firm provides legal collection services throughout the city of Phoenix. As collection attorneys, we understand the importance of getting your  debt collection matters handled quickly and efficiently. Our comprehensive network of collection attorneys and staff have been instrumental in providing retail and commercial creditors with professional, ethical and expeditious collection of debts owed in Phoenix and the State of Arizona for many years.

Contingent Fees: Our collection attorney fees or contingent fees are based on the premise of no collection, no pay and are calculated on a  percentage of what we collect. With an Phoenix collection attorney, you are more likely to recover your debts than if you utilize an out of state collection attorney to attempt collection.

Litigation: Unlike most debt collection agencies, our collection attorneys can litigate your claims in court, which in many cases, will bring about a settlement to your case without continuing the process to obtain a consent, default or summary judgment. Our attorneys will pursue your accounts receivable from the beginning of the collection process through litigation if necessary.

Professional Conduct: Our collection attorneys are aggressive yet professional as well as being efficient and effective. We abide by the State of Arizona collection laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Our collection law practice is designed to recover your debts as quickly as possible in the utmost professional and diplomatic manner.

Placement of Accounts: It is simple to place your collection accounts online to our office. Simply click here and it will take you to our Collection Placement Form. Fill out the form and submit it. Our staff will process your placement and enter the data into our system. We will then correspond with your company immediately to ensure all necessary components are in place to allow us to collect your claims. 

Why Use Our Collection Attorney Services? We provide highly seasoned, professional collectors and staff including worldwide litigation capabilities, world class support and excellent results. We do realize that there are many collection attorneys and collection agencies in Phoenix but want you to know that your account placements will be handled by some of the finest, handpicked collection attorneys available, regardless of where your claims are in Phoenix.  Please call us at the above captioned number or place your collection accounts online at your convenience. We look forward to being of service to you.    

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