Myth #17:
You need a collection agency
to collect overdue invoices

Many companies assume that the only way to collect on overdue invoices is to use debt collection agencies. This is not true. Collection agencies are still a good way to collect smaller invoices which are only 60-90 days overdue. However, there are a substantial number of companies which regularly totally ignore your collection efforts and the calls and letters from collection agencies. They know that a collection agency can only beg and hope for payment.

Using Collection Lawyers is different.

We are a law firm, with a network of experienced and effective collection attorneys across the U.S. We know how to collect. With over twenty years experience, we know how to extract the money from debtors.

Take your unpaid invoice ($5,000.00 minimum). Turn it over to Collection Lawyers. See the difference...

It is amazing: the difference in attitude once the Sheriff or a licensed process server is knocking on their door...  Our clients frequently note that the same company who wouldn't return either their calls or calls from the prior collection agency wants to make payments... Then, the choice is yours: take payments or continue with the lawsuit.

After suit has been filed, payment plans are backed up by written stipulations. Then, if payments aren't made, judgment is entered against the debtor: no games, no trial, you win - they lose.

Please call us toll free at 800 653-5720 for more information on how we can make your accounts receivable recovery more effective.

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