When it's Time to Sue

When you need to sue - it's time to move quicklyOur goal is to provide our clients with the most effective representation. Our experience has shown that one does not need an army of attorneys to be successful - all one needs is a smart and experienced collection and court room litigator with the right game plan and support.

We pay special attention to case assessment, pre-litigation advice and candid analyses of the relative risks and rewards of litigation.

In the event that litigation becomes necessary, we move quickly and effectively. While we are constantly seeking ways to achieve successful results for our clients, we are acutely sensitive to doing so in a cost-effective manner.

Our California law firm provides top-quality collection litigation services normally associated with the largest firms, but in a personal and timely manner utilizing an experienced staff. In addition, we have access to a nationwide team of superb collection lawyers.

Every case and every client deserves the same high standard of care and commitment.

Flexible and innovative fee arrangements are available.

Please contact our Client
Services Department toll free at 800 653-5720 [310 370-3730 if calling from outside of the United States] or at info@collectionlawyers.com for additional information.


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