"Knowledge is power"
Sir Francis Bacon

The knowledge of collecting successfully:

1. You can use our California based law firm and our national network of commercial, retail and student loan collection attorneys to collect NOW. You don't need a collection agency any more! Most companies assume they have to use commercial collections agencies to collect and sue on commercial debts. This is not true. You can use the same collection attorneys that financial institutions, collection agencies and banks and governmental entities have been using for years. Collection If the debtor does not immediately pay, we can and will SUE THEM.

2. With 25 years of solid collection experience, we know most debtors need to be sued. Debtors know that most creditors won't sue. (If they were paying you, they wouldn't be a debtor.) Collection agencies simply aren't as effective as they were in the past. We know most debtors simply will not pay until and unless they are sued. Why beg for your own money from the debtors? They made money from you, and won't pay their commercial debt. By educating our clients on collecting and litigating commercial collection matters, we  have increased their collections in their accounts receivables.

3. We know that filing suit collects more money. A payment plan without a lawsuit may only get you a single payment. However, filing suit forces many debtors to settle by agreeing to a payment plan. If you agree to it, we will prepare a written stipulation for entry of judgment for the debtor to sign. Then, if they don't pay, judgment is entered against them: as a result, there is no trial [Case over - you win - they lose.] If the debtor does not enter into a payment plan, we continue with forceful and effective collection litigation.

4. We will do what's necessary to collect your judgment. We regularly step in when others have failed. We know how to obtain and enforce judgments. We know how to locate assets and collect your judgment.

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