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We are all familiar with collection agencies. They come in all shapes and sizes, but their underlying motive is the same: hold on to the claim for as long as possible in the hope that money will come in before they give up. We acknowledge that some collection agencies do a good job. However, the fundamental defect with collection agencies is their form: they are only collection agencies.

Why send it to a collection agency who will beg for the money?

Collection Lawyers is a California collection law firm. As a law firm, we are not constrained by collection agencies' inherent limitation: they are not lawyers.

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A collection agency cannot sue a debtor. All they can do is threaten to turn the unpaid account receivable over to collection attorneys. The collection agency does not want to have to share their contingent fee. So, they hold on to the claim, delaying suit, sometimes for many months.

You don't have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Collection Lawyers quickly determines where your debtor is located. As experienced collection counsel, we know that most debtors will ignore letters and telephone calls from far away collection agencies. Therefore, we move quickly to get your claims in the hands of local attorneys.

The results are tangible. The Sheriff or licensed process server is handing your debtor a lawsuit literally months faster. Time isn't wasted going through the call center routine.

In today's business, you expect everyone to be computerized. We have been using computer case management software (with numerous updates) for over 20 years. Do you want an instant status on 200 cases? We can immediately e-mail or fax it to you. Don't be fooled by collection agency claims that they have computers, and instant access. No matter how much technology is used by a collection agency, they are still not lawyers.

Is litigation suitable for all collection cases?
Of course not.

We can help you pick and choose which unpaid debts need to be sued right away. Every day that you delay (or a debt collection agency delays) is time that you don't have your money. Give the little ones to the collection agencies.

We generally do not handle cases under $5,000.00. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the license to sue your debtor.

What will it cost?

Litigation isn't cheap. (Neither are we.) You can always find a cheaper law firm or collection agency to take your case. Just keep in mind the old saying: You get what you pay for.

This is important, no matter who you use to collect. Most collection agencies are not stupid (just inefficient). If you negotiate a very low percentage, do you think they will put their best collector on the files, or do you think they'll use him (or her) on more profitable cases? If it's a law firm, will they give the case the attention it deserves? It's a matter of economics. You can end up with higher recovery totals by paying a fair percentage, and collect more money. After all, a smaller percent of nothing is still nothing.

Remember, you are in charge. You have the choice where to send your collection cases.

Many attorneys claim that they can do collection.

However, ask them:

- What percentage of their cases are actually collection litigation cases (and not divorce, personal injury, criminal, immigration, etc., etc.)

- What is their experience in handling collection litigation matters? (Do they have over 25 years experience like Collection Lawyers?)

Do they offer a guarantee of collection? If so, run! Nothing is guaranteed, even (or especially) collection litigation.

What is their track record in collection? Do they do collection law day in and day out? How effective are they?

In addition, you as the creditor initially know the debtor better than anyone else. Are they completely out of business, with the FBI chasing them? Usually not a good prospect for recovery. Don't waste your money. Are they having cash flow problems, and paying other creditors (and not you)? Are they claiming some imaginary problem to avoid paying you? Sue them now.

Our fees and costs are competitive, and in many instances can be the same or less than what you would pay an ordinary collection agency. Please call our Client Services Department toll free at 800 653-5720 for more details.

Does it make sense?

We won't take a case unless it makes economic sense.

A particular collection case needs to be large enough for us to be able to handle it properly. Is it under $5,000? Take it to your local Small Claims Court (the jurisdictional ceiling varies from state to state), or give it to a collection agency for collection. You also have a much higher chance of collecting the small ones yourself.

We carefully evaluate each of the cases, and decide how to proceed. We don't "sugar coat" bad news on a file. We figure that you are entitled to straight answers and our best recommendations.

We have been collection attorneys for over 25 years. Our lawyers know not to waste time. We are always aware that the clock is ticking, and you want to be paid. They know we (and our clients) don't demand excellence; we expect it (and get it).

Already have a judgment?

Why hasn't it been paid? Many creditors realize that most attorneys can obtain a judgment. However, it takes collection attorneys to really know what to do to collect a judgment. Creditors frequently assume that since they have a judgment that the debtor will wake up the very next morning and cut them a check. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't happen that way. The same debtor who wouldn't pay you without suing them generally isn't going to suddenly turn around the day you get judgment and pay you.

We have substantial experience finding assets and income to satisfy difficult to collect judgments. Are all judgments collectible? Of course not. However, you want some one who knows exactly what they're doing to maximize the probability of collection of your judgments.

We know how to collect judgments. After all, we are Collection Lawyers.

Look around

We encourage you to learn about Collection Lawyers and the ways we can assist you.

We know that you have many other options to collect your money. We recommend that you look at collection agencies and law firms. See what they don't tell you. Most collection agencies require advanced fees and costs for suit. However, they rarely tell you how much at the beginning. Are they promising fast recovery within a certain time period? A guarantee of recovery? Run! What other promises will they make that they can't keep?

We are lawyers, not cheerleaders. We are not going to tell you wonderful stories that you can have your money next week, that your debtor will be in debtor's prison by Friday, or any other similar tall tales. You might get your money quickly. It does happen. Some debtors get a letter from a collection attorney, and return it with their check. But it doesn't happen often (and probably more often in response to a letter from an attorney rather than some distant collection agency). Which phone call do you think has more impact: one from some collection agency or a collection lawyer?

Talk with other law firms. Ask about experience. Have they been doing it for many years, or is collection merely a sideline to their primary practice? Collection, litigation and creditor bankruptcy is what we do. We don't do divorces, criminal cases, personal injury, etc., etc. We do collection litigation.

Our clients don't demand excellence; they simply expect it (and receive it.) Make an informed decision. After all, it's your money.

See what our clients say about us.

Learn why our business, corporate, and financial clients return again and again.

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