Collect Your Judgments in California
Who do you want collecting your unpaid judgments?

There are plenty of debt collection companies scattered across the Internet who claim to be judgment collectors. However, are they judgment collection attorneys with over 25 years of solid experience in collecting judgments across the State of California? (Many aren't even lawyers!) Some want you to assign your judgement to them, along with the right to accept any settlement that comes along. Don't give away your rights! As the owner of judgment(s), you are entitled to the best representation.

As a judgment collection law firm, we know how to collect and enforce judgments whether they were entered in California or elsewhere.

In fact, we assist numerous other law firms who need help collecting on judgments (with complete compliance with Rule 2-200 of the California Rules of Professional Conduct).
Don't Let Your Judgments Go Unpaid
Please call us toll free at 800 653-5720 or email Collection Lawyers for no obligation information on what our collection litigation law firm can do for you and your California judgments (or enforcement in the State of California of judgments from other states and even from other countries)