Collection agency or Collection Lawyers?

Most people believe that they can only take their commercial debts and accounts receivable to collection agencies.

This is not true! You can go directly to Collection Lawyers!

We are not a collection agency. We are a law firm with a network of experienced and effective collection lawyers across the United States.

If you're looking for a collection agency, you have a problem.

You haven't been paid.

Look at it from the debtor's point of view for a moment.

Are they going to react to a letter or phone call from some collection agency by immediately sending money? Doubtful, very doubtful. Most debtors owe more than one creditor, and they quickly become used to collection agency letters and envelopes. Many debtors simply throw them away unopened. They dodge and ignore telephone calls from a collection agency.

Now look over the debtor's shoulder as they look carefully at the envelope from a collection lawyer. They immediately know it's serious even before they open the letter. They know it's from a lawyer. Do people throw away letters from lawyers without opening them? Doubtful, very doubtful. Debtors know from a single letter from a lawyer that it is serious. They know that if they don't pay they're going to be quickly sued. Letters and telephone calls from a law firm mean that the creditor is serious about collection.

Are you serious about collecting your money?

Do you want your debtor receiving letters from a collection agency or from a law firm? Which one makes more of an impression?

The letter from the collection agency simply says you have referred the matter out for collection.

The letter from a collection law firm says you have immediately turned the matter over to lawyers who will sue if you aren't paid.

What happens when a collection agency can't collect your money?

Collection agencies send out letters and may make telephone calls. Sometimes, they collect money. However, if unsuccessful, they usually only have two options:

(1) Close their file, or 

(2) Hire collection lawyers to collect your money. We have represented many hundreds of collection agencies through the years. We start when they give up!

You have a choice!

Why waste time?

Show the debtors you mean business!

Use Collection Lawyers from the start!  
can start collecting for you NOW!
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