Collection Lawyers is Different
For the past 25+ years, we have fully and effectively utilized the full power of the California Courts, along with Sheriffs, to collect money for our many clients. We have expert negotiators who know the legal system. We know how to win cases. If debtors want to settle or make payments, we require them to sign written agreements; if they don't pay, they lose the entire lawsuit, and judgment is entered (and we immediately proceed with post-judgment enforcement). This creates a much higher percentage of paying accounts each month.

Many lawyers obtain judgment, and then stop, not knowing what else to do. Post-judgment enforcement is another frequently overlooked area of revenue for our clients. Collection Lawyers has a post-judgment department created solely to locate debtors and their assets and to take effective post-judgment action as needed. We often collect substantial amounts of money on old judgments just gathering dust in other law firms.
How We Started
Our Senior Attorney, George L. Cohn, created a different type of California collection law firm. For years, many collection agencies and companies had relied upon rooms full of relatively inexperienced collectors wearing headsets begging for money. Although sometimes successful, especially with smaller debts, many larger collection matters were delayed for months.

Our Direct Approach
Since most institutional, banking, corporate and other creditors already had internal collection departments which attempted collection, Mr. Cohn realized that it was often much more effective to streamline the process and do immediate collections as part of the litigation process. Using strategy, technology, and experience, our results speak for themselves.